What is the Difference in an MBA and an MBA in Informational Technology (IT)?

MBA in Information TechnologyWith technology playing an ever-increasing role in today’s modern business environment, many people are choosing to pursue an MBA degree in IT, but what exactly is the difference between an MBA and MBA in IT? Whether a company utilizes technology as part of its infrastructure or sells products and services online, professionals must be able to bridge the gap between technical performance and executive leadership. An MBA in IT degree program provides the training needed to do just that.

Overview of MBA in IT Degree Programs

Business management, economics, and strategy are at the core of every MBA program, but information technology is playing an increasingly large role in modern business operations, making an MBA in IT a sought after degree for today’s current and budding business professionals. An MBA in IT integrates knowledge of technology and business management into a single advanced graduate program. MBA in Information Technology students study computers as well as information systems and management. As such, MBA in IT programs teach students about the technology that drives today’s businesses and how it is used to communicate and conduct business. In the end, professionals enrolled in an MBA in IT program learn traditional business administration curriculum as well as advanced curriculum in information technology systems.

Coursework for an MBA in IT Degree

An MBA in IT program combines business coursework with information technology systems practices and policies. Since an MBA program first and foremost teaches students about important business, accounting, and finance skills, business lies at the core of the program. Thus, courses available for students include a range of business topics, such as economics, leadership development, management techniques, corporate financial strategy, analytical decision-making, and international business. Technology courses for an MBA in IT degree, on the other hand, revolve around the management of IT systems and personnel. Examples of technology-related courses include information security, software development and management, telecommunications, IT department management, and much more.

MBA in IT Career Opportunities

With an increasing number of businesses developing an online presence and conducting online sales, it is more important now than ever before for organizations to have experienced IT management personnel. An MBA in IT program provides business professionals with an enhanced understanding of business management, information and technology security, e-commerce, and a variety of other industry-related topics. Since all manner of businesses large and small are now computer-driven, more and more companies are in need of managers with a solid understanding of how computers factor into their business operations. Essentially, an MBA in IT provides individuals with the ability to work in nearly any field with a technical infrastructure. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT managers earn a median annual salary of $120,950, making an MBA in IT one of the most lucrative degree programs an individual can pursue.

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If you desire a career as a leader in an organization and possess an interest in computer technology, an MBA in IT may be the ideal degree program for you. As the world continues to evolve and become both increasingly mobile and global, the better managers are able to understand IT networks and systems, the more valuable they will be to their organizations. In the end, the difference between an MBA and MBA in IT lies in the latter’s emphasis on technology in addition to its focus on business leadership.