Masters in IT Security

If you graduate with a Masters in IT Security, you will find plenty of job opportunities in this well-compensated and fast-growing digital profession. While the brisk growth of IT (Information Technology) in business has made it possible for graduates with Bachelor’s degrees to obtain entry-level jobs, those who go on to earn their Masters from an accredited place of learning will be able to compete for the most rewarding and lucrative positions.

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Courses for a Master’s (MA) degree include Data Management, Knowledge-Based Systems in Business, Electronic Commerce, and Warehouses and Mining. Because there is such a broad field of IT systems, you may wish to concentrate in a specific area by pursuing a specialty. Specialties could include web game programming, web development, health information systems, systems analysis, computer forensics, information systems security, enterprise computing, database management, or business management.

A MA degree in Information Technology will prepare you for a technically orientated career. Here is a look at a few examples. All of these require candidates to hold Master’s Degrees because they are at management level.

A Computer Systems Analyst position involves the application, design and upgrading of information technology to help companies run profitable and efficient enterprises. Jobs for computer systems analysts in the US are expected to grow at a rapid rate over the next several years. The average annual salary is US$75,000.

A Systems Administrator position carries the expectation to ensure the efficiency of systems by monitoring, designing, and troubleshooting a company’s computer system. The average salary for those with Bachelor’s Degrees is US$66,310, but for holders of MA degrees, the annual average is over the $100,000 mark. The forecast for job prospects are looking excellent for the next ten years.

As a Management Analyst you will be responsible for analyzing a company’s management structure and finding ways to improve it. The average annual income for a management analyst is US$73,570. Even with a projected job growth of 25% through to 2018, it is anticipated that competition for management analyst jobs is going to be high and only candidates with the best qualifications will be successful.

Computer software engineers positions involve creating and improving computer software. Computer software engineers are well paid with an average annual salary of US$85,400. Like management analysts, this area of information technology is expected to enjoy a rapid growth with top positions going to people with the best education.

An individual holding a position as a systems analyst focuses on the development and enhancement of specific types of computer systems, such as science, engineering or financial. You can expect an annual income in the region of US$75,000. With a MA degree, you will have excellent prospects in a field that is rapidly growing.

As the commercial, industrial, and corporate worlds become more complex and digital, your MS IT Security degree will put you in line for a wide range of interesting and lucrative jobs. You will have gained the technical expertise to compete for top positions and have the confidence to successfully demonstrate your knowledge. Anyone working in information technology should be well-organized, able to stay abreast with new advancements, and be technically minded.

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