Masters in Network Administration

The Masters In Network Administration

A Masters in Network Administration is a challenging and fast-paced program which incorporates all computer-related networking platforms. This higher level educational qualification is available to those who possess a relevant diploma or graduate degree for enhanced career opportunities. Through theoretical and practical outcomes one may develop the necessary skill sets for a successful future within this dynamic industry.

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Courses are offered through accredited institutions and cover a range of topics including security technologies, as well as the diverse and complicated range of operating systems. It is part of the School of Engineering and requires the Honors degree or academic equivalent in a subject related to the field. One may complete the formal education program in a period of between 12 months and up to 3 years.

With rapidly changing technologies and increased globalization, many modern businesses require the professional services for configuring and managing computer systems in enhanced efficiency. The role of a professional in this dynamic field is in the maintenance of integral data upon which important business decisions are made. The programs aim to increase the knowledge of formal IT practice at a senior level.

The courses will include the study of how to implement computer-related infrastructures and planning administrative matters pertinent to company functioning. Management skills will be enhanced in communicating with key organizational members in implementing designed software and in its proper utilization. Students will learn the practical aspects involved in an open systems environment which includes the design, specifications, and analysis of networks.

The course has been designed for those who are passionate about advanced technology and aim to practice the design, installation, and management of networks. It is for professional individuals who possess the relevant experience and academics and wish to pursue a career within this industry. A formal qualification will allow one to advance in business with the ability to build upon and support company strategic planning.

Programs usually consist of a number of course units which make up the curriculum and are required to be completed for successful outcomes. Many tertiary institutions offer a practical aspect in which students are required to apply the obtained theoretical knowledge and skills to a design or analysis of a significant situation. Those who have obtained the relevant experience in this specialist field may qualify for participation in specified projects for practical credit.

This complex industry involves the constant monitoring, maintenance and development of networks in order for a business environment to function in the modern world. Graduates who have obtained entry level positions are reported to earn between $42,000 and $55,000 and for those with a background in computer science the salary may exceed $90,000. Positions are largely available to those who have an interest in software, network design, and implementation.

A Masters in Network Administration will contribute to enhanced knowledge and abilities for the progression of a designated career. There is a high demand for professionals who possess the skill sets for designing and developing systems. The discipline will provide individuals with the necessities and resources for a successful future and career.

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