Master of Information Assurance

For people who opt to pursue a Master of Information Assurance Degree, the opportunities for a successful and rewarding career in this field are many. The fact is that the security needs presented by the world’s increasingly complex computerized systems are only becoming greater with time. Because these systems need to be protected, experts anticipate tremendous growth in the computer security industry over the coming years.

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A degree in computer security enables someone with Master of Information Assurance credentials to obtain employment in a variety of critical areas of the public and private sectors. Nearly every large business and government enterprise requires some level of security to protect its network and data from unwanted invasion, sabotage, and espionage. These experts are the only professionals available who have the skills necessary to meet those challenges.

Information Assurance extends to every area of computer security. The latest computer systems all come with inherent vulnerabilities that must be overcome to ensure the protection of the data they house. These ongoing security challenges can only be met by someone with the expertise needed to analyze complex systems, locate vulnerabilities, and develop solutions that eliminate or minimize any risk.

Obviously, this is not a job that is suitable for people who fear technology or who require social interaction on a continual basis. These analysts and technicians spend a great deal of their time evaluating computer hardware and software, trying to detect and correct security system flaws. Even at the higher levels of the profession, Security Directors and other executives spend more with software code then they spend in the company of other human beings.

For people who seek the ultimate challenge in a highly technical field, however, this is the degree to pursue. Professionals in this field are provided new and increasingly difficult challenges on a regular basis, and must learn to respond quickly and decisively to new problems as they arise. Technology-lovers who are skilled in crisis resolution are often drawn to this career.

Students who want to pursue this degree should be prepared for a whirlwind education in many of the most technologically complex subjects on the planet. They will learn everything they need to know about database security, security policy creation and implementation, network infrastructures, and the latest risk management and threat assessment techniques.

In addition, they learn the best practices for systems auditing, the reporting standards required by current law, how to conduct proper network forensic analysis, and a host of other skills necessary for detecting threats and minimizing damage. In short, the curriculum they endure is designed to ensure that graduates are able to effectively meet and overcome any data protection challenge they may face now or in the future.

One thing is certain. The world’s increased reliance on computer networks and complex computerized data management technology will continue to attract criminals and others who seek to penetrate even the most secure network environments. The dedicated men and women who pursue and obtain a MS in IT Information Assurance degree will continue to be the world’s first and best response to those threats.