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Obtaining a Masters in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science is an important step in advancing your Information Technology career. An Information Technology Masters can be personally satisfying and increase your value to your organization along with your salary potential. Many individuals with advanced IT positions and positions of leadership with Information Technology departments have a graduate degree in computer science. In many larger companies, it is seen as a prerequisite for promotion into these kinds of positions. These positions include IT Director, CIO (Chief Information Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), and more.

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Our mission is to help you get the best technology education possible. We do this by informing you about the variety of options available to you in a Masters degree in Information Technology, including areas of concentration, formats such as part time, online, and full time, and more.  We also provide detailed program information include information about how to apply to a graduate computer science program, which exams may be required, how to finance your education, how to get an internship, and more. Our editors also rank and review graduate degree programs in all areas of IT and IT Management, including the Best Online Masters in IT and Computer Science.

MS in Information Technology (IT) Project Management

The work of Information Technology departments are often organized around projects, and these projects can require one or more project managers.  IT project managers are involved in working with business stakeholders, IT managers, and others to define and scope projects, develop goals, plans, budgets, and schedules, select and communicate with team members, and ensure that projects get completed on time and on budget. Individuals wishing to further their careers as IT project managers often decide to pursue an MS in Project Management.

MS in Software Engineering

The MS in Software Engineering is an advanced, engineering oriented degree intended for those seeking more specialized study in the area of software development and engineering. Many individuals pursuing this degree have an undergraduate degree in computer science or a closely related engineering field, and have worked for several years in software engineering. These individuals work directly with complex software systems, creating new systems from scratch and also expanding existing systems in important ways.

MS in Network Administration

This is an advanced degree within the field of Information Technology, usually intended for individuals seeking higher level or more specialized positions as a network administrator or network manager. Many network administration positions in larger companies require an advanced degree such as an MS in Network Administration. These individuals are responsible for designing, overseeing, and managing large and diverse computer and information networks, many times spanning multiple locations with hundreds or thousands of applications and end users.

MS in Information Security

As security threats become more prevalent, individuals with advanced skills in the area of information security are in higher demand. An MS in Information Security will prepare individuals for this specialized role, which covers network security, data security, and more. These individuals are often responsible for creating, maintaining, and enforcing an information security plan for companies.

MS in Business Analysis

Business Analysts are often seen as a liaison between IT departments and the business in general. These individuals must be skilled at understanding businesses and business requirements rapidly and being able to understand the variety of ways in which a technology solution could help support and improve the business. An MS in Business Analysis is often required for those working a Business Analyst consultants for companies, and for higher level business analysis positions within companies themselves. Individuals in these roles must have a broad understanding of technologies and technological processes, and they must also be detail oriented and capable of excellent written and oral communication.

MBA in Information Technology

An MBA in Information Technology prepares technology leaders and entrepreneurs within the technology field to be be better equipped as business leaders.  Candidates in this area will often have an undergraduate degree in computer science and also have several years of experience working in an IT department or in some capacity at a technology company.

How to Get a Job in IT

Many individuals with an interest in computers and exposure to information technology departments (perhaps through an IT internship) wonder how to get a job in IT. This website will provide resources on how to get a job in Information Technology, including jobs in programming, software development, database development, network management and administration, network support, and more.

Highest Paying Jobs in IT

Demand for skilled information technologists has grown steadily since the emergence of this discipline in the 1960s and 1970s as computers have become more a part of the corporate landscape. Today, few companies can exist without the services of information technology professionals.  Smaller companies may outsource this function, while larger companies have one or more dedicated Information Technology departments.  The highest paying jobs in IT are typically held by individuals in leadership and management positions within information technology, although highly paid employees may also be individual contributors (non-managers) with highly specialized training and experience. Some of the highest paying jobs in IT are also held by individuals employed by IT services companies, including security companies, hosting companies, software development companies, and more. Managers, leaders, and highly skilled individuals often have advanced degrees including Masters degrees in IT and computer science.  Fortunately, there are many options for obtaining such a degree, including part time study, online IT degrees, intensive study degrees, and more, at colleges and universities around the country and around the world.  There are also many options for pursuing specialized degrees within this field, and one should closely align the choice of concentration with career and professional interests.