MBA in Information Technology

MBA In Information Technology Can Boost Your Career And Earning Potential

An MBA in Information Technology is a Master’s degree in Business Administration that focuses in the computing industry. Many IT professionals are not in tune with administrative concerns. Likewise a lot of managers and supervisors are not very knowledgeable about information technology. There is a need for a qualified person to run an IT business in a knowledgeable way.


This program is an ideal course for people who should be both knowledgeable in technology and able to manage tech-related businesses. Because of the increasing number of businesses that integrate computers and internet, more schools are offering MBA programs that specialize in information technology. This fills in the need for more IT managers that are in tune with technological concerns.

The people who should consider taking Master of Business Administration in Information Technology are those who want to reach higher positions within the organization. If you are ambitious and want to run your department or company as a manager or director, this program will give you the proper skills to do your job efficiently. You will not just manage a group of employees but will know their job requirements as IT personnel, making you better equipped at managing them.

You can take this course if you already have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Information technology. You should also sign up for the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT. Do this at the soonest possible time since it will take a while before your test results come out. You will need this to be able to take your MBA. After taking the test, you can proceed to search for schools that offer a course in IT.

If your GMAT scores are higher than average, you can qualify for a good program in the top schools in the country. The average GMAT score falls in a range of 550 to 600. Getting a 650 GMAT score will be sufficient to get you in the best MBA programs. You can take your classes at a college campus or on the internet. If you are currently employed like most MBA aspirants, your best option would be to take your course online.

Online MBA programs are flexible and allow you to continue working full-time at your present job. They are also competitive in terms of pricing. Professors who teach online MBA classes are the same people who give instruction at school campuses. The only difference is that they do it over the internet and not in a classroom setting. Everything else stays the same from the curriculum to the certificate.

Once you complete your studies, your career opportunities flourish and so does your earning potential. After you get your MBA, you can start earning the basic annual wage of an IT manager in the range of $50,000 to $67,000 annually. You may get some bonuses, commissions, or profit-sharing options to top it off at around $70,000 to $80,000 plus per year.

The higher wages in this bracket refer to the pay as manager of top IT corporations. So, the company you work for also matters. After you gain experience in the field, your wage may increase by $5,000 dollars after 5 years. After 15 years in the industry as an IT administrator, your wages should double from that of an entry level employee. Your earning potential, if armed with an MBA in Information Technology, should also increase as you move to better companies in more technologically progressive cities.

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