What Information Technology Jobs Are Available in the Automotive Industry?

Automotive Engineering IT JobsThere are quite a few information technology jobs available in the automotive industry as the dream of a truly connected car starts to become a reality for both luxury automakers and their more affordable counterparts. Information technology jobs extend beyond the dashboard and include a wide array of opportunities at company headquarters and in factories where IT is crucial to monitoring and enforcing productivity levels among workers. For the IT professional looking to enjoy a slightly different line of work, these automotive industry jobs are sure to be a change of pace and a new way to learn about the everyday impact of information systems and workplace computing.

IT at Work: Unique Automotive Jobs in the Information Technology World

One of the most important uses of information technology in the 21st century has been to improve the everyday experience and long-term productivity of almost every occupation. The automotive industry has benefitted in a big way from he increasing implementation of IT solutions both in corporate offices and in the factories where cars are rolled off the assembly lines. At company headquarters, IT jobs include the installation and maintenance of network and workstation infrastructure, which means keeping hardware up-to-date and making sure that the latest software and operating system updates are installed. IT professionals often provide troubleshooting and technical support as well.

For factories, IT implementations are used to monitor car output, safety protocol, worker shifts and breaks, and to keep an eye on any reports of defective parts or assembly damage. These systems are often custom designed, and must be actively maintained throughout the day due to their 24-hour use and their likelihood of wearing down more quickly than corporate information systems and IT infrastructure.

In the Car: A New Way to Think About Driving

Information technology may be more associated with corporate productivity than with the joy of handling a car on the road, but that common perception is about to make a major leap into a new era. The connected car is one that understands the usefulness of data to the driver, and therefore makes it more readily available in numerous areas and formats. Information technology professionals work with car companies to design systems in the car that make technology easier to use and data easier to access. They’ll work on creating data export systems from the engine’s computer to the central console, and design new information pathways that connect the car to a smartphone application for easier use and availability of key engine, fuel efficiency, and entertainment data.

The use of IT in the car also involves services like GM’s OnStar and others, and puts the IT expert in a position where they can support new data center configurations for those services. Throughout every part of the car and the industry at large, IT seeks to make data more available, systems easier to use, and software fully updated, to ensure better working conditions and a safer approach to everyday driving and computing.

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A Great Industry for Seasoned IT Professionals

With an extensive education in information technology and a professional IT background, working in the automotive industry can be both challenging and rewarding for the right kind of individual. According to Biz Journals, as the connected car continues to gain in popularity, and as companies continue to leverage data for better safety, driver information, and promotion, information technology jobs available in the automotive industry will only continue to grow in popularity.