What Information Technology Jobs Are Available in the Aerospace Industry?

Aerospace Industry IT JobsThanks to the increasing importance of computers in developing aerospace equipment, there are many information technology jobs available in the aerospace industry as a whole. These jobs often require an advanced education in computers, and often also require quit a bit of experience in an IT-related occupation outside of the aerospace field. Before getting started with the many jobs available, consider the requirements necessary to fill these roles.

Education: Bring an Advanced Degree to the Job Interview

Aerospace engineering may only require an associate’s degree, but that degree is highly focused and far more practical than the average four-year degree in IT, information systems, or computer science. For those professionals who are looking to control the backend systems that control planes, satellites, and other aerospace technologies, the educational requirements are quite steep. A bachelor’s degree in information technology, information systems, software engineering, network security, or computer science, must be on hand. This degree should then be paired with a master’s degree in the same small set of fields, since the more intricate coursework required sets professionals up for an easier time managing complex information systems and backend routines.

Available Jobs: Plenty of Options to Choose From in Aerospace

The aerospace industry is growing globally and is increasingly embracing sophisticated information technology designs that make it easier to track and control planes, satellites, and more. The jobs available, as a result, are quite involved and growing at a fast pace both in the United States and abroad.

Information Systems Designer

Information technology professionals are most often hired to design a new IT system that can handle new types of data more efficiently. This means they’ll be choosing from the latest server hardware, and will have to know how to properly configure, store, maintain, and troubleshoot the equipment as it’s acquired, installed, and put to good use. Some amount of networks security knowledge may also be helpful in this area of the aerospace industry.

Software Support and Diagnostics

Most aerospace companies or federal departments use custom software that requires a certain type of backend hardware. They also require someone who can learn and troubleshoot the software and hardware for aerospace engineers and others. Information technology experts are the people best suited to this key responsibility, since their advanced education has taught them a great deal about common programming languages, server designs and architectures, and common troubleshooting routines.

Systems Consultants

Some IT professionals work as consultants for the government or private aerospace corporations, providing insight into how they can more efficient manage their information equipment and utilize new software tools to make daily work a bit easier. In this role, they will typically work for a private employer who dispatches them to various agencies and companies for a few days or weeks at a time. They may design new systems or help with software updates on older ones, based on the needs of each client.

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IT Experts Have Great Opportunities in the Aerospace Sector

The aerospace field is growing quickly around the world, but it increasingly depends on advanced information systems and software tools to design new equipment and bring it into production. That’s where IT experts come in. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the information technology jobs available in the aerospace industry focus on server design and configuration, software troubleshooting, and advanced consulting that can help development move forward even faster.