Will a Masters in Information Technology Put Me in a Higher Pay Bracket?

If you are considering getting a master’s degree in information technology, you may wonder how this will affect your future earning potential. This article will discuss some of the benefits of earning a master’s degree in information technology and how this degree could boost your job potential.

Information technology is a very versatile degree

Your salary depends on a number of factors, including location, career experience, education and training. A master’s degree in information technology could help advance your career and increase pay, especially if you have prior experience in the field or an undergraduate degree in a field that enhances the value of your information technology degree. Information technology is a very versatile degree and is suitable for a variety of types of jobs. A master’s degree demonstrates advanced education in this field. The value of the degree can very by location, because certain areas have a higher demand for employees that are proficient with various types of technology.

Facts on Salaries

The Occupational Outlook handbook lists median salaries in the computer and information technology field. Median salaries are listed as around $46,000.00 (Computer Support Specialists) to just over $100,000 (Computer Research Scientists). Many jobs in other fields, such as business also require knowledge of some computer programs and database software. The field is expected to grow about the same as other fields, about 19% over the next ten years. Some jobs in this field require no degree for an entry level position, but having an advanced degree can help set you apart from other candidates who have similar skills or experience. Getting a degree in information technology can help you gain the proficiency to become certified in computer skills, which can boost your resume.

A master’s degree in information technology can be earned at a traditional private or state university on campus, or there are options available online. If you are interested in the field of technology, you likely are already comfortable enough using a computer and web features to be able to navigate online classes. U.S. News ranks schools against each other and looked at various online schools that offer information technology programs.  This article explains the factors used in analyzing which schools are the best.

Opportunities for Advancement

Similar to any other field, getting the right job and an increase in technology will allow you to make connections with other people who are interested in the same field, which could later lead to a job. Some schools help with employment after graduation. If you are already employed in the field and considering a degree in this area, you may wish to ask your employer if they might be willing to offer sponsorship for this type of degree. You might also consider the opportunities for advancement at your current job and whether you want to continue there or go back to school to make a career change, especially if you are not employed in an area that interests you.

In summary, a master’s degree in information technology can help you earn more pay by setting you apart from other candidates and helping you land a better job.