Which Industries Would Be Interested in Me With a Master’s in IT?

What exactly is IT?

Information Technology, or IT, is a broad field dealing with the application and management of computers and communications technology in a variety of settings. As these technologies become ever more prevalent and increasingly complex, the demand for individuals with advanced training in information technology keeps growing. IT professionals must manage large databases of information, oversee essential business hardware and software, and ensure the smooth operation of advanced networks to facilitate the every day operations of an enterprise.

Why pursue a Master’s in IT?

A Master’s Degree in Information Technology prepares you deal with more complex IT systems and play a leadership roll on IT teams. Master’s Degree programs combine hands-on training in computer systems with classes in business management. With a Master’s in IT, you will not only be able to work with advanced technology, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to analysis the needs of an organization and to design and implement appropriate IT infrastructure and services. You will gain the business knowledge necessary to serve in a management or high level advising capacity to ensure that an organization’s IT systems are optimized to fulfill the organization’s larger mission or goals.

It is possible to use a Master’s Degree program as an opportunity to specialize in a particular area of Information Technology. Depending on the program, students can specialize in fields such as auditing and risk management, information security, or network management.

Opportunities for someone with a Master’s in IT

Someone with a Master’s Degree in Information Technology can find themselves working in a wide variety of industries. There are a growing number of technology companies that need the skills and expertise that someone with a Master’s in IT can provide. These tech companies often are well staffed with engineers with expertise in a very specific area but are in need of IT professionals with a wider range of knowledge and practical business acumen. A person with a Master’s in IT would be especially welcome in the field of internet infrastructure and cloud computing because of the need to administer both hardware and software for clients.

Medium to large businesses and non-profit companies in almost every industry need IT specialists to manage internal computer and communications networks. Individuals with a Master’s in IT are particularly well suited for to oversee tech related projected management in a diversity of fields because they have expert knowledge both in computer technologies and in business. Government agencies are also interested in hiring experts in information technology. Computer technology is essential to nearly every thriving field. The career possibilities for someone with a Master’s in IT are limited only by creativity and interest.

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