Which Companies Hire the Most Information Technology Managers and Directors?

Information technology (IT) plays an important role in our everyday lives. From network security to keeping computers running smoothly, IT professionals ensure that businesses and individuals can maintain their productivity on a consistent basis. Like all professional structures, IT has its own tier with managers and directors seated in the top positions. These individuals manage and organize how technical problems get resolved on a company-wide basis. In large corporations, IT directors manage entire IT departments while managers enact their plans. In smaller businesses, the IT manager may act as director and vice versa. If you’re an IT professional, then you may wonder which companies value your leadership most. In order to find out who hires the most IT managers and directors, we need to first examine the daily tasks and need for these professionals.

Daily Responsibilities

IT professionals respond to computer emergencies while also maintaining everyday workflow of an organization’s technology network. Managers and directors in this field help to facilitate these transactions by scheduling the right person for specific tasks or handling it themselves. In smaller companies, an IT director or manager will take on many roles including fixing problems himself or setting up and running an entire network. An IT manager or director helps a company regulate technology snafus and solve problems quickly.

General Need

Because technology plays such a big role in how people conduct business, every company to some degree relies on IT professionals to maintain their productivity. Government agencies such as the IRS, NSA and military hire thousands of IT managers and directors due to the sensitive information they store on their servers. Private companies like Google and Amazon need a steady workforce of IT managers and directors to maintain their complex servers and help regulate their businesses. In essence, there’s no small demand for these IT professionals because so much of business now depends on secure, well-structured technology systems.

Companies That Hire

According to a 2012 report by Computerworld, USAA ranks number one for IT professionals and has held the title for the last three years. USAA is a financial and insurance institution geared towards military members and their families. As such, they rely on IT professionals to manage their information on a highly secured level. The company truly values IT work and is committed to hiring these professionals on a consistent basis. Over the next five years, USAA plans to actively seek out IT workers for employment. US News ranks IT management in the top ten of technology jobs, and it’s no wonder why: With large corporations like USAA recruiting more IT professionals, businesses across the world will follow suit.

Information technology has become a vital part of the business world. With rapidly advancing technology and an increasing reliance on computers to perform everyday tasks, IT professionals can expect solid career growth in the future. Companies like USAA aren’t the only ones hiring IT managers and directors. The government, large corporations as well as small businesses need IT professionals to maintain their networks and keep their information secure. If you’re an IT professional seeking work in management or as a director, then take your pick of jobs: Many companies will be increasing their IT staff over the next several years.


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