What Types of Jobs Are Available For Network Architects?

Network ArchitectThere are many types of jobs available for network architects, especially in an era characterized by cloud-based storage and the rapid growth of data centers around the world. Even the growing mobile communications industry offers a wealth of opportunities for professional network designer and engineers. With an education rich in network engineering and computer science, this industry is wide-open and offers some of the best job placement and advancement rates in the tech sector.

Mobile Communications Networks Offer Excellent Growth

The world is in the midst of a revolution that will change the way phone calls are made and data is transmitted. The transition to 4G LTE networks, and the ongoing evolution of mobile data technologies, has made network architects a hotly in-demand position at wireless service companies like AT&T and Verizon in the United States, Deutsche Telekom around the world, and numerous other conglomerates with a vested interest in next-generation communications.

As a network architect for a mobile services company, professionals will assess the need for fiber-optic backhaul, tower placement, data rate optimization, spectrum aggregation, and much more. They’ll work to link towers to the Internet backbone, and to provide cloud-based services that add value to consumer and business accounts.

Datacenter Strategists, Designers, Planners, and Managers

Datacenters have always been a significant component of the Internet, with a massive number of servers that host websites and corporate data. The era of cloud computing has made these facilities even larger and more essential, however, since they’re now charged with maintaining customer contacts, smartphone backups, email, and virtually every other digital piece of information.

A network architect has the skills required to design such a facility, and to help leverage it as a strategic part of the data economy. They’re also the best people to plan the facility’s long-term scalability and manage the datacenter’s various redundant connections. With their help, the faculty can stay powered and Internet-enabled during power outages, with fast and redundant Tier 1 broadband connections for fast transmission speeds even during periods of high demand.

Planners of Telecom and Cable Industry Architecture

Whether it’s major cable companies like Comcast or telecom companies like Verizon and AT&T, network architects are responsible for determining the bandwidth available to customers, the best way to implement and leverage new technologies for greater efficiency, and the best people to employ for network and Internet backbone technical support. Their services often determine how fast a consumer Internet connection can be, how well or poorly the Internet connection’s latency performs, and how readily it can be upgraded and enhanced as consumer behaviors and Internet technologies evolve over time. Network architects and engineers, for this reason, represent the single largest area of new hiring for cable and telecom companies internationally.

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Exciting Industry Growth Awaits Network Architects and Engineers

It has never been more essential to design a high-speed network capable of handling cloud-based storage, redundancy in the event of emergencies, and an available wired connection when mobile productivity just won’t get the job done. Because of continued growth in mobile services and exciting accelerations in home broadband speed, network architects are in higher demand now than they have been in some time. According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the types of jobs available for network architects reflect the diverse types of companies that depend on a fast, stable network with easy access to remote data and other resources.