What Types of IT Jobs are in Healthcare Systems Development?

Healthcare Systems DevelopmentWith the recent creation and expansion of the American Affordable Care Act, there has been a tremendous explosion in population heath data, clinical data analytics and other types of IT Jobs in healthcare systems development. For those who have an interest and passion in big data, especially in a healthcare setting, job opportunities are virtually found everywhere. Here is a comprehensive overview of how to get a job in the healthcare IT field and what type of educational credentials you will need to excel in this booming industry.

What Type of Undergraduate Degree To Study
Whether you are intending to become a clinical data analyst, population health analyst, systems administration or a medical records information specialist, most IT jobs in an healthcare setting require at least a bachelor’s degree. There are a number of degree programs that will specifically prepare students for an IT role depending on exactly which route they want to take. For those who want to take a route into analytics, consider studying statistics, decision information sciences or mathematics. For those who are looking for a more systems-related role, such as electronic records, developing systems protocol, etc, consider studying information management sciences, management information systems, healthcare administration (with a minor in management information sciences) or computer science.

What are the Different Types of Jobs in the Healthcare IT Field?
Well, depending on your background, experience and skills set will dictate the type of job you land. The healthcare IT field is very vast and there is virtually a role carved out for everyone who has a particular and unique skills set. For those looking for a systems administrator or programming role, here are some possible options:

  • Healthcare Systems Analyst
  • Revenue Cycle Programmer
  • Healthcare Database Systems Analyst
  • Claims Analyst
  • Healthcare Billing Administrator

For those who have more of an interest in data analysis, roles include:

  • Population Health Analyst
  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Data Reporting Specialist
  • Healthcare Analytics Consultant

What are the Types of Salaries For Those Working in Healthcare IT?
Salaries are extremely high and lucrative in the healthcare IT field. According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare information technology specialists, especially those who work in systems development, took home over $70,000 in 2013. Salary will obviously depend on geography, organization, years of experience and education. $70,000 is the median salary nationwide with salaries being over $100,000 in larger metropolitan areas like New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. It is very possible that as individuals move into a more senior role, such as vice president, senior consultant, and senior manager, that salaries can easily exceed over $150,000 in some instances. It is recommended to obtain a master’s degree or higher to see bigger salaries.

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If you have a passion in healthcare information technology and are looking to take your career to new heights, this is a very rewarding field. Jobs are very much in abundance and with the rising importance of prevention of chronic diseases, healthcare systems experts will be in great demand. Find the right degree program that will prepare you for different types of IT jobs in healthcare systems development.