What Type of Management Jobs Are In Information Technology?

Information TechnologyThere are a variety of positions available within the technology sector, and the types of management jobs in information technology (IT) require a unique blend of hard and soft skills to attract the best employers. Subcategories within the IT industry like information security, network engineering and software development are growing quickly, and all of these IT functional areas require technically competent managers at the helm of their operations. This type of IT talent is developed from comprehensive degree programs, several years of experience tackling tough technical issues and continuing professional development and training opportunities. Here are some examples of management positions that these IT professionals fill.

Application Development Project Manager

Demands for quicker computing, more interactive user experiences and more features result in the availability of new or upgraded software. Competition is high, and development firms that cannot identify and act on opportunities miss out on monetary gain and possibly future work. For this reason there is almost no other IT functional area that benefits from management and leadership skills coupled with deep technical knowledge like software project management. These project managers identify needs, plan work products and deliver systems usually by following efficient management processes and methods. IT project managers are responsible for delivering applications on time, within budgets and according to performance specifications, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Information Security Manager

New threats to computing systems are constantly making headlines which is why there is such a demand for those with information security skills. Information security professionals assess the vulnerability of computing assets, data and information and generate plans to make them more secure. An information security manager leads information security analysts, digital forensic specialists and information assurance experts in searching out security solutions for computing systems. They implement technology initiatives that help safeguard the integrity of computing data and generate information security policies and procedures that help work place staff become more involved in information security practices.

Network Engineering Manager

The phrase “the best defense is a good offense” is particularly appropriate when it comes to network engineering. Those who work in this IT functional area have opportunities to design networks that operate efficiently and securely. Network engineering managers oversee the work of network engineers, administrators and some security specialists. They are responsible for using network management tools to monitor the network for inefficient and weak areas in security, abnormal network traffic and network performance issues. Their experience and skills are particularly needed for businesses that have strict requirements for network down time like financial institutions and certain national defense systems.

IT Sales Manager

While many IT professionals find satisfaction working directly on technical efforts, other seasoned technical workers opt to use their knowledge and experience to sell IT products. IT sales managers are essential to the economic prosperity of software and computing system development firms, and the role requires great interpersonal skills, extensive product knowledge and a thorough understanding of clients’ needs.

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The IT industry has some of the most impressive job growth rates of any industries on the job market landscape. This means that those starting out in IT expect viable options when it comes to plotting a career path to management and executive level positions within the industry. However, they must remember that they are on a path to these types of management jobs in information technology which require years of experience as well as the right educational foundation.