What Type of Government Jobs Are Available to Someone With a IT MBA?

govAn IT MBA degree combines the benefits of an information technology degree with the benefits of an MBA program. With a Masters in Business Administration, you can find work in both the public and private sectors. Students with an MBA degree often make more starting out those who start working with an undergraduate degree. An IT MBA program prepares you for working in the technology field, but you can also use the degree to find work running a software company, working on software projects or in similar fields. Depending on what you study during your program, you may even find work for the federal, state or local government.

Government Job Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the requirements in place for working for the federal government varies depending on which classification the job has. The federal government uses a GS classification, which ranges from a GS-1 to a GS-12. GS-1 jobs do not require a high school diploma or any advanced degree, but a GS-5 or higher requires at least a Bachelor’s degree. With an IT MBA, you qualify for positions listed with a GS-5 and GS-7 classification. If you have an interest in research positions, you might also qualify for a GS-11 position. Most GS-11 positions require a PhD degree.

Types of Positions

The type of government jobs available to those with an advanced degree include human resource positions. These jobs involve filling spots within the government agency and ensuring the happiness of workers. More than 23,000 people also work in general industry positions, and more than 17,000 people work in the tax industry. The skills that you learn in school can help you seek employment in one of these fields. You’ll need to understand the basics of how businesses operate, how to apply business dynamics to the public sector and how to work with different types of software and other programs.

Where You Can Work

Nearly every type of government agency has a few technology and business related positions available. The biggest employer in the federal government is the Department of Veterans Affairs, but the Army, Navy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Treasury and Department of Agriculture also have a number of positions available every year. Before you start applying for those jobs, you need to decide which area interest you. The Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice handle tasks relating to the security and protection of the country, while other positions let you work with citizens.

Finding Out More

Find out more about the type of government jobs available for those with an IT MBA program at a government hiring event in your area. The government will often send representatives to colleges across the country to meet with students who might have the skills they need, and those representatives often attend job fairs and other hiring events. Not only can you meet with the people in charge of hiring, but you can also find out what requirements you need for those open positions and how to apply for those jobs.

Hundreds of thousands of people work for the local, state and federal governments, and many of the top positions require more than just a passing familiarity with computers and technology. As the holder of an IT MBA degree, you’ll have the skills needed to work in a variety of those jobs.

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