What Type of Cyber Security Jobs are in Information Technology?

Cyber SecurityWhile some industries experienced slow job growth, there continues to be plenty of cyber security jobs in information technology (IT) for those with the right skill sets, according to The Washington Post. The field of cyber security is a relatively new subcategory within the technology sector, but widely publicized security incidents within even large, well-known corporations keep the demand for IT security specialists high. Today’s colleges and universities have recognized this trend, and many have crafted degree program curricula to specifically address the security needs of the industry. Independent, third-party groups have also formed professional associations to establish standards for this important sub-sector. Here are some examples of cyber security jobs within the technology industry.

Network Security Engineer

Network security engineers are concerned with protecting networked computing assets from unauthorized access, destruction or even modification. They conduct their jobs by generating system security test plans and implementing them across the entire network. A key network security engineering task includes monitoring the network for signs of anomalies by using the latest network management and analysis tools. Once anomalies are identified, network engineers rely on knowledge they have acquired through education and training to apply the best technical solutions to the problems. Conducting penetration tests is another task of network security engineers. They usually perform these tests periodically and when the network’s computing systems have been modified in any way. Network security engineers stay abreast of new technology in their field so that they can make their network immune to intentional attacks by hackers and the devastating impacts of natural disasters.

Digital Forensic Analyst

The world of digital forensics incorporates elements of forensic science and information technology, and the role of digital forensic analyst is to systematically investigate cyber crimes. Because computing devices are extensively used by people in both their private and professional lives, ethically challenged individuals tend to use these devices when committing crimes. The digital forensic analyst uncovers the digital footprints left by cyber criminals, and the results of their investigations are often used in court cases. Companies also rely on digital forensic experts to help them develop security incident response and investigation plans when employees intentionally attempt to steal proprietary information using digital means or inadvertently leak sensitive information.

Information Assurance Technician

Information assurance technicians are responsible for securing the authenticity and integrity of the data and information that is usually stored on computing systems, networks and storage devices. While the main aim of the information assurance technician is cyber security, data and information that are stored on external drives or as hard copies also come under the responsibility of the information assurance technician. These technicians do their jobs by analyzing current processes relating to data protection, identifying vulnerabilities and implementing a combination of solutions. These solutions include both technical and policy initiatives that give users the assurance that the data and information that they want to use for decision-making is as accurate as possible.

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While the cyber security field is still maturing, there are a number of computer security positions waiting to be filled at home and in international markets. Today’s cyber security standards are primarily established by government agencies who have worked with several research universities to establish centers of excellence. IT professionals who graduate from these centers of excellence and seek certification so that employers can easily verify their skills are adequately prepared to pursue cyber security jobs in information technology.