What is the Best Master’s To Get for Software Engineering?

There are vast opportunities in the job market for individuals possessing software engineering MBA’s. As can be expected, obtaining a graduate degree in the field of software engineering will open even more doors of opportunity for you. The key will be determining the type of advanced degree you wish to earn.  According to US News, software engineering is consistently rated among the best jobs by a number of well-respected publications. The criteria for these rankings considers salary, environment and benefits among other variables. The key to maximizing this opportunity is to select the best degree program for what area of software engineering you want to focus on.

The Obvious

The obvious path for many will be to obtain their Master’s degree in software engineering. This general approach will ensure that you have the training and credentials to navigate through a broad and diverse spectrum of opportunities. The US News reports that earning a Master’s degree in software engineering will provide the computing and project management skills that are necessary to carry out the responsibilities that employers will place upon you.
Obtaining a degree in software engineering is an ideal way for someone who is looking to transition into the software engineering field to initiate the transition. For those of you who are already in the field of computer science, obtaining an MS in software engineering will set the stage for the advancement of your career.

Alternative Options

It is possible to obtain a Master’s degree in computer science or computer engineering and still pursue a focus on software engineering. This may work better for someone who has already established themselves in the field of software engineering. If you have developed a reputation as an exceptional software engineer, you may consider earning a Master’s degree in another area of computing. This will create a situation in which your experience and reputation may serve as a type of credential, and a graduate degree in a different area of computing will create a more diverse portfolio, increasing your marketability as a software engineer.
The diversity that is created by having experience as a software engineer and the advanced degree that opens the door to other areas of computing, makes you a rare breed and extremely valuable to your current employer as well as any potential employers.
With that being said, without the previous experience in software engineering, your best route would be to pursue a Master’s in software engineering. Earning your advanced degree in the field in which you are seeking to advance will establish your expertise in that area.

Job Outlook

There are a number of reasons that software engineering jobs are consistently ranked among the best in the nation. The ability to work in numerous industries and multitudinous environments is a major benefit associated with working as a software engineer. You have the opportunity to work in telecommunications, government, intelligence, the private and nonprofit sector and more. Each of these different industries offer unique challenges and opportunities.
Job security is also a great benefit associated with this field of work. Because software development is one of the fastest growing fields in the world of information technology, there is a growing number of companies that are looking for talented software engineers. Obtaining a software engineering MBA will open up an entirely new platform of opportunities for you, allowing you to expand your career horizon.

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