What Is the Best Masters To Get For IT Project Management?

IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT and getting an MBA is often the subject which every IT Manager has come across. In every business, the information technology infrastructure is an integral part of the business itself. Having an up to date system can and often is the core of the information exchange that occurs daily. From emails to research to daily operation, the upkeep and maintenance of a sturdy IT system is a task that requires frequent upgrades. 

IT Project Management

In many cases, the business will often elect a senior member of the IT staff to perform the duties of the project manager. This works well if the scope of the project itself can be achieved in conjunction with the regular duties of the IT technician. More often than not, this isn’t the case. The project is often intensive and requires a highly trained and dedicated group of people that can achieve the goal.

The Project Managers’ Role

Aside from being dedicated to the timeliness of the project while keeping a close on on the budget, a project manager has to understand direct business needs. A staffed IT technician or IT Manager may not fully understand this. A common mistake is to take the perspective of the technician behind the bench rather than that of the project stakeholders. So it goes without saying that many contracted project managers involved in an IT project don’t have much experience when it comes to information technology itself.

Master’s Degree in Project Management

Those that have already gone out there and got your degree in Computer Information Science, might find it to be a wise idea to specialize in project management. Since there is no actual IT Project Management Degree, this degree includes a business management curriculum that is associated with getting a Master’s in Business Administration. In this, the student is able to learn the aspects of Business Administration while still retaining their Information Technology knowledge.

Benefits of gaining your MBA in Project Management

Getting a Master’s Degree in will open doors for the IT person who has reached a certain level in their career or simply wants to change the course of that career. Project Management with an emphasis on Information Technology is a highly sought out position. As stated earlier, many IT Project Managers do not come from a technical background. They simply don’t have the technical experience to relate certain problems that occur when taking on a large scale technical project.

This is where the IT Project Manager excels. There are many certifications in project management that one can take. These are great and often required but they don’t necessarily focus on the technical aspect. They will focus on different management styles. By getting an MBA, this will allow the IT Manager to become a Project Manager.

If getting a Master’s Degree is something you’re considering, going the route of an MBA is a smart decision. This will gain you the knowledge aspect of business management while still retaining your technical knowledge. Having an IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT MBA will also give you an edge in future technical project management positions.


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