What is the Average Salary of Someone Who Has a MBA in IT?

In this economy, jobs are as competitive as ever. Job qualifications are constantly evolving, requiring individuals to further their skill set through a variety of means. In the IT field, positions vary in scope and requirements, but having the right qualifications can improve an individual’s career prospects. For those who possess a MBA in IT, the question of salary is one of the most frequently asked questions when looking at positions in their chosen field. This is understandable since the process of getting a MBA requires a great deal of effort, and graduates are seeking to land a solid position after all their hard work.

Job Prospects

A March 27, 2013 article from U.S. News and World Report lists IT Manager as one of their “6 Great Jobs for MBA Grads“. This position meshes both leadership skills learned during graduate school with the technical analytic prowess needed to succeed in the IT world.

An October, 9 2013 article from Forbes presents an optimistic jobs picture for MBA graduates. The article states that business schools are “reporting one of the best placement records in their history”. The economic crisis has adversely affected hiring across the board, but this article references the growth in the technology and e-commerce sectors being one of the contributing factors in companies seeking out MBA graduates.

There’s also an April 2013 article from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that points out the trends of the IT industry. This article describes how the IT field is growing with in-depth analysis.

With improving job prospects in IT sectors, the concern of obtaining a position becomes more of a question regarding potential compensation.

Compensation Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website offers the most comprehensive data regarding job statistics in the United States. Their website bls.gov has a vast assortment of information related to most jobs. This information covers what a particular occupation does, its work environment, requirements for entry into the field, job outlook, similar occupations, and most importantly: pay.

For IT Managers, this page puts all the information in detail. Their 2010 data indicate that computer and information systems managers can expect a median annual salary of $115,780 per year, or $55.67 per hour.

It’s important to note that experience is required with these positions, but an individual with a MBA in IT may already possess a lot of the qualities required for these positions by virtue of their education. Strong analytic, communication, decision-making, leadership, and organizational skills are items focused on in most MBA programs.


The prospect of a six-figure salary is a major motivator for individuals who graduate with their MBA in IT. The work needed to obtain the degree does pay off, but the salary is just a statistic without the available positions graduates can fulfill. It appears that not only are the job prospects strong for those who possess a MBA in IT, the compensation for holding such a qualification is quite large. For those who already possess the degree and those who are about to graduate it appears that the future looks very bright.

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