What is an Information Security Officer?

The role of information security officer in a company may not be as clear as businesses would like to hope; however, it is an integral part of any business who has a computer network that needs to be protected from cyber attacks. Learning what this job is and entails can help students and other professionals decide whether or not this is a career that is the right fit for them.

What is an Information Security Officer?

An information security officer is the professional in charge of designing and implementing security systems in computers as well as assessing and resolving any computer network security issues. They focus on cybersecurity, hacking, and network weaknesses. Their work also includes creating a disaster recovery plan in case a cyber attack hits their company, staying up to date on the latest security methods and hacking methods that are currently being used by both professionals and criminals to ensure their plan is always accurate and recent. Information security officers often report directly to upper management and often work directly with the Chief Technology Officer in order to complete their goals. As part of their overall duties, information security officers often attend cybersecurity conferences, workshops, and participate in online continuing education in order to stay current as a professional.


Information security officers have a variety of duties that stem from their work with the safety of the computer networks their businesses use. They monitor the company’s networks for breaches, investigate any breaches that may occur, and then report to executives and minimize the damage of any cyber attack that may occur. Officers also conduct penetration testing on the network and install and use software to protect any sensitive information. They also have a duty to report any suggestions for increasing a company’s security network and aid computer users when new security protocols are put into place.

Work and Educational Requirements

An information security officer needs to hold at least an undergraduate degree in programming, computer science, cyber security, or a related field. Because the profession is still evolving, colleges have not yet designed a standard information security program; some schools across the country do offer it as a concentration within computer science. Knowledge and experience in information systems, cyber security, business, and other related fields. A year of work experience is preferred for most job postings; becoming a certified information security officer will also yield better results for candidates who are looking for jobs in the industry.

Salary and Job Outlook

An information security officer can expect to make around $70,000 for an entry-level position; the salary for an experienced officer can make around $90,000 a year, according to PayScale. Officers also generally receive bonuses, which can increase the annual salary to over $100,000. This is a lucrative career that is also experiencing a growth spurt; the current job outlook has information security officer jobs growing by 18 percent by 2024, which is much faster than average. Because information security officers are needed in every business due to the advancement of digital records, all sectors are currently seeking professionals in this industry.

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For students and professionals who enjoy information security and protecting computer networks from potential attacks, this job might be the perfect career. As global business becomes increasingly digitized, the need for officers that can secure networks continues to grow. It’s highly encouraged to do more research on the job of information security officer in order to fully appreciate this fascinating and challenging career.