What is a Master’s in Informational Technology (IT) Project Management?

Information Technology Project ManagementIf you are working the information technology field or if you are currently working on a Bachelor’s in Information Technology degree, you may be wondering if you need to pursue a Master’s in IT Project Management. The fact is that this is a highly coveted degree, but it can be time-consuming and costly to obtain. Before you make the decision to work toward this advanced degree, you should consider if it is the right move to make for your career goals and objectives.

What Do IT Project Managers Do?

According to CNN, IT project managers are found in some of the top corporations in the country, and there are also positions available at smaller companies. The general goal of IT project managers involves overseeing major or minor information technology objectives and ensuring that those objectives are met. Generally, this may involve pulling together human resource talent, third party contractors and others in a cohesive manner. Great people skills along with the ability to perform under pressure and to deliver a specific result within a certain period of time are all critical skills of a successful IT manager.

The Education Requirements

There are lucrative and rewarding positions available for IT project managers who only have a four-year degree in IT project management or a related field. In addition, there are some positions available to those who have no degree but who have a significant amount of related work experience. Those who hold these positions without a Master’s degree can earn a considerable amount of money. However, individuals who have a more advanced degree may be more likely to climb the corporate ladder and to earn an even higher level of income.

What to Expect With a Master’s in IT Project Management

The ability to climb to higher levels within an organization is enhanced with a Master’s degree. Generally, those who attain a director-level or executive-level position within their company do have a Master’s degree, and a project manager position provides you with a great starting point for working toward one of these higher level positions, according to US News and World Report. These higher level positions may come with compensation that exceeds $300,000 per year, so the degree can be financially worthwhile to pursue. However, you should consider if you have the personal skills and attributes to work at the executive level successfully and if that is a career goal that you would like to attain. If your goal is to continue to be a project manager and if your company is not requiring the Master’s degree, it may not be worthwhile to earn this higher level degree.

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Earning a Master’s degree generally is a wise move to make if you plan to actively pursue a higher level position, and in some cases, the company that you work for may compensate you for some or all of your educational expenses. You can spend time learning more about what it takes to earn a Master’s degree and if there are financial compensation benefits available to you through your current employer as a first step in the process. Ultimately, earning a Master’s in IT project management may be one of the most beneficial moves you can make if you plan to pursue a higher level of professional success in your field.