What is a Master of Business Information Technology Program?

itPeople who aspire to manage projects, processes and programs that cover the whole spectrum of information technology should consider a post-graduate degree in business information technology. This provides them with skills in the field of operational and strategic process management, IT management as well as change and project management. At the same time, topics like IT governance, compliance and risk are included in the program.


A master’s degree program in business information technology provides an individual with a post graduate qualification that emphasizes the use of sound scientific principles while focusing on the practical needs of the business community. Graduates have the means to succeed in a number of demanding leadership and professional roles.

Interdisciplinary Competence and Project Management

People who complete this degree are also trained in order to develop several important skills that could be useful later on in their work. One of these is interdisciplinary competence. With this, a student is taught problem-solving and cooperation that they can use in an a wide range of environments.

Aside from that, they are taught organizational competence and project management. Topics that are discussed include effective controlling, evaluation and planning of inter-organizational and complex projects. At the same time, students’ ability to make active contributions, perceive group processes and manage teams is improved and enhanced.


Students are also being taught other important skill sets such as applied research and problem-solving and analytical competence. Applied research competence involves interpreting and compiling research data and presenting this information in an appropriate format.

When interpreting this important technological information, students are taught to take scientific methodologies and principles into consideration in addition to practical applicability. At the same time, their problem-solving and analytical competence is also developed. This involves the identification of alternative solutions and analysis of complex problems and situations. How to successfully implement problem solving strategies is also taught.


A student’s communication capability in addition to reflection reasoning and competence are also enhanced when they go through this program. They are taught how to deliver clear written and oral communication. Aside from that, they learn how to convincingly defend and present complex professional issues to their company’s stakeholders.

Reflection reasoning and competence is also another trait that business information technology programs aim to develop in students. This teaches students how to successfully transfer the knowledge that they have acquired. At the same time, they are taught to be capable of reflecting of their own actions within an organization.

A Wide Range of Industries

Successful graduates of this program can work in a number of flourishing industries. Some of the fields that they can be employed in include business consulting and IT management. At the same time, they can also be hired by software providers and IT departments at non-profit and corporate organizations in any kind of industry.

The Bottom Line

The combination of a managerial skillset along with technical experience can be a huge career asset. Knowledge of technology is nice. However, a wide understanding of technology’s potential applications is what often drives strategy and innovation at successful companies whether they are tech-oriented or not. Because of this, obtaining a master’s degree in business information technology can help both individuals and companies achieve their goals.