What Graduate Entrance Exam is Needed For a Master’s in IT?

Master's in ITIf you want to earn an advanced degree, you may be wondering if a graduate entrance exam needed for a Masters in IT program? Schools that have graduate programs for students who are majoring in Information Technology need to qualify applicants in an effort to evaluate applicants and then identify which students have the knowledge base and skills that are needed to successfully complete curriculum.

While many people focus on earning a high GPA while they are in a Bachelor’s program, your GPA does not necessarily dictate whether or not you will get into the graduate-level program of your choice. Some schools take your entrance exam scores much more seriously than the GPA you earned as an undergrad. If you would like to know what type of exam you may need to take before an admissions council will accept you to a graduate school, read on and learn what you need to know.

Why Are Standardized Entrance Exams So Important?

You may think that earning your bachelor’s degree is proof enough that you are ready to attend a master’s degree program, but committees that review applications do not think so. There are a few very good reasons why admissions committees of the most respected business schools and graduate schools will require you to take a standardized entrance exam. Perhaps the biggest reason why so much weight is placed on your scores, is because the score represents a measure the test takers ability to succeed in graduate school where they will cover advanced material.

A high GPA may show you have been successful as an undergrad, but this measure does not offer the committee a fair comparison because GPA’s can be calculated with different variations or grading standards. By using a standardized test all across the board, the committee can do a fair comparison and then review the GPA to see if it is in line with the measurement.

Which Test Should You Take if You Are Taking a Graduate-level IT Program?

If your intention is to take a Master of Science program majoring in Information Technology, you will most likely be required to take a Graduate Record Exam called the GRE. Anyone applying to graduate school for a technical degree should put the GRE on their to-do list and schedule the exam date well in advance before application deadlines. This standardized exam will measure your general aptitude and also your aptitude in specific subject areas if you are required to take a GRE Subject Test.

The General GRE will test you to measure your quantitative, verbal, and writing skills. If you are required to take a subject test before you apply, you should identify which test is required. Be aware that not all schools require applicants to take a subject test. If you are majoring in IT and a subject test is required, it is likely that you will be asked to take the GRE Computer Science test to show that you are ready for upper-level coursework, according to Educational Testing Services.

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It is very important to earn a high GPA, but do not overlook the importance of scoring highly on the GRE. Be sure to review the entrance exam requirements, know the application deadline, and prepare for the exam well in advance.