What Can I Do With A Master’s in Information Technology in the Healthcare Industry?

As the business world depends more and more on computers to process data, the field of information technology becomes more complex. Individuals who have the knowledge and training to manage these complex systems find they are in increasing demand.

In healthcare, information technology professionals are in high demand, because of the critical nature of the data.

Information Technology Degree Programs

Individuals interested in information technology can find degree programs in this field in a wide range of academic institutions. Many of the top-rated schools in the country offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in information technology. Information technology programs are often combined with business programs to allow students to pursue specialized avenues of study in their desired field. Accounting, management and health information are just a few of the areas offered to students.

Emphasis in Health Information Technology

Because the healthcare system relies on comprehensive data to care for the proper care of patients, health information has become a rapidly developing aspect in the medical field. Equipment and programs must function reliably at all times, and systems are frequently expanded. In addition, training for those who use the data information systems must be ongoing. These operations require continuous management and supervision. The IT team in healthcare institutions may include numerous individuals that work in tandem with other departments. Healthcare institutions generally hire people with a bachelor’s degree in information technology to keep the data systems functioning and to train other members of the healthcare team to use them properly.

Master’s Degree in Information Technology Positions

Individuals with a master’s degree in information technology are often hired to head the IT team within the institution. They are often assigned the task of creating solutions for changing information needs within the system. They may manage the team and meet with other departments to solve problems and reduce costs. They are also involved in legal and ethical considerations of healthcare institutions. They may also analyze current trends and future needs in information management for the institution.

Positions for Information Technology Master’s Degree Graduates

Those with a master’s degree may become project managers for the implementation of new systems. This position requires frequent contact with clients and customers to determine current and future needs. The project manager must also coordinate IT employees to ensure that projects come in on time and under budget. Individuals with a master’s degree may also be IT Managers who are involved in involved in recruiting program developers and programmers for a variety of projects. Project managers and IT managers can earn up to $88,000 in salary. Individuals with a master’s in IT may also be hired as Chief Technology Officers or Chief Information Officers with responsibility over technical planning for the institution to keep up with changing needs within the industry. These professional earn between $100,000 to $150,000 dollars each year. In some institutions, salaries can rise to over $1,000,000 for those with years of experience.