Should I Apply for a MBA IT Program if I am Looking For a Management Position in IT?

A bachelor’s degree in information technology is a great stepping stone for an entry level or mid-level position in the technology field, but professionals interested in management should consider entering into a MBA IT program. A graduate program teaches important business, management, and communication skills that make technology professionals more qualified for management roles. Graduate degrees also give job seekers an advantage in the competitive market. According to BLS, information technology managers make an average salary of $115,780 a year.

Managers Need Business Skills

IT managers are required to wear many hats in their position. Although it’s important for managers to be proficient in technology, they are also required to handle business matters. IT Managers will need to understand how a business functions as a whole. A graduate program will teach technology professionals how to manage risk and create efficient budgets. Graduate programs also teach students how to work with other departments and management personnel to reach important business goals. According to, IT managers are one of the top jobs for MBA grads.

MBA Graduates Learn Management Skills

A MBA IT program teaches management skills that help prepare technology professionals for their role as a supervisor. IT managers will have to hire personnel to fulfill entry and mid-level positions to in the department. They will also have to prepare schedules and approve time cards. Managers are responsible for assigning work as well as making sure employees complete their assignments correctly. They also discipline and terminate employees when necessary. IT managers are required to work with clients to ensure their needs are being met. They also work with other department personnel to resolve important business matters.

IT Managers Need Communication Skills

IT managers are required to communicate with a variety of business professionals to ensure the company is meeting their goals. Most technology managers will be responsible for supervising team of employees. They will need to learn how to speak effectively to manage their department in an efficient way. They will also need to learn how to offer constructive criticism to improve employee performance. IT supervisors are required to work with managers in other departments to plan projects and resolve business problems. They also work with clients to identify customer needs and resolve complaints. IT managers need to be proficient in written communication. Supervisors are required to create budgets and write production reports. Graduate programs teach students great communication skills to help them become effective managers.

Technology professionals interested in management should consider earning a graduate degree. Graduate programs teach a variety of skills that is not taught on an undergraduate level. Technology students will learn how a business functions as a whole and how to resolve important business matters. They learn how to effectively supervise employees and work with other department managers. Graduate students also learn how to communicate with employees and clients to achieve important business goals.