If I Already Have My Bachelor’s in Computer Science, is Getting a Master’s Degree in InformationTtechnology Worth It?

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you are well on your way to a solid career. You have taken a nice first step that will allow you to gain employment in a host of different companies in one of many different roles. The question, then, is whether you need to go a step further. If you already have that first degree, is there any benefit to getting your master’s degree in information technology? The answer to this question will vary depending upon your circumstances. People who want to go a bit further in their careers can benefit from getting the extra degree, and in most cases, the additional piece of paper will be worth it.

What can you do with a bachelor’s in computer science?

In order to know whether you need an additional degree, you must first understand the options at your disposal with just a bachelor’s degree in computer science. A person with a bachelor’s in computer science will have studied a number of different things relating to computers. These are general degree programs that lay the foundation for jobs in programming, computer repair, design, and a host of other things. They do touch on networking and information technology though this is not the focus of most computer science tracks. You can get a job in computing with a bachelor’s degree though it will be much more difficult than if you had a master’s degree.

The value of a master’s degree in today’s economy

With the increased availability of student loans and grants, more kids are going to college than ever before. This means that college is becoming the new high school, and if you want to stand out in the job market, you have to have something more to offer an employer. A master’s degree shows that you went the extra mile. It can give your resume that slight boost that will push it to the front of the pile when you are competing with the hoards of individuals who have studied computer science at the undergraduate level.

IT jobs pay more than general computing jobs

Jobs in information technology tend to pay more than jobs in general computer science. With an IT focus, you have the opportunity to work in-house as a network technician. This can be a very rewarding career path, and it is much more available to people who have studied in a specific IT program. Many employers are wary of hiring general computer science grads because they lack the specific skills. With that in mind, you have to ask yourself whether you want to go into IT specifically. If the answer is yes, then a master’s degree makes a lot of sense.

Greater earning capacity with an IT master’s

Even better than the advanced knowledge is the paycheck that comes along with higher education. You can command higher salaries both in the beginning and later in your career if you have an advanced degree. This degree will give you the ability to move up more quickly in the ranks than if you just had a bachelor’s degree.

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