How Much Time Commitment is Expected in Earning Your Masters in IT?

Many people focus on how much a master’s degree costs, but are you more focused on determining how much time you will need to commit? A majority of individuals interested in enrolling in college are familiar with the fact that there is a growing demand for IT professionals, and this positive job outlook has been the leading cause of packed classrooms in IT-related programs. With so many students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in IT, to compete in this very competitive industry many recognize the fact that they will need to earn their Master’s. If you are planning on enrolling in school, you are in the process of earning an undergraduate degree, or you have already completed an undergraduate program, you might be wondering how much time you will need to commit to becoming a Master of IT. Here is a brief guide to help you determine if this is a practical educational path for you to advance your career in the field.

What is the Difference Between an MS in IT and an MBA in IT?

If you want to work your way up in the field of Information Technology, you need to spend time to select the right degree program so that you can build your knowledge and skills. Many new college students who are in an undergraduate program to enter an Information Technology degree are not aware of the differences between a MS Degree and an MBA in IT. As you may know, an MS is a Master’s of Science and an MBA is a Master’s of Business Association with a focus in the field of Information Technology. Before you can answer the question of how much time you must commit to earn a Master’s, you will need to pinpoint which Master’s will land you the job you want in the field.

When you select a Master’s of Science program in the field of IT, you will need to select a specialization. You can choose anything from IT Project Management to Network Administration when selecting MS programs. This degree will prepare you to become a manager of the IT department, or a project manager overseeing a team of IT professionals. If you pursue an MBA in IT, your focus in the classroom will be more centered on teaching undergraduates in the IT field how to be better leaders. The focus is Business Administration with a concentration on Information Technology.

How Much Time Do These Programs Take to Complete?

If you are enrolled in an undergraduate program full-time, it will take you about 4 years to earn your Bachelor’s degree in IT. Only after you possess a Bachelor’s can you can consider applying for admissions in a Master’s program. The competition is fierce in Master’s programs, especially in the field of IT. Once you are accepted into a Master’s program, a traditional terminal program will take about 2 years to complete. If you choose a blended program with face-to-face and online classes, you might have more time to complete courses.

If you are pursuing an MBA, there are full-time programs and part-time programs. Once you satisfy the educational requirements and the work experience requirements for an MBA program, you will spend between one and two years learning about business strategies and other skills.

If you want to benefit from being in the midst of the technology wave, a degree in the field of IT will take you places. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, a Master’s in IT or Computer Science is one of the better paths you can take if you want to succeed. Choose a profession that is high in demand and pursue the right degree to achieve your goals.