How Do I Pick the Right MBA Technical School That Will Impress Future Employers?

Choosing the right MBA program that will suit your professional needs is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to impressing prospective employers. The global business environment is becoming increasingly competitive to enter, and it is important to not only have the right set of skills and professional credentials, but to even have the right education coming from a reputable and well renown school. If you are looking to enter a MBA program that offers the best technical programs that employers seek after, here are few suggestions to consider.

Look for different concentrations

Many colleges and universities have master’s in business administration programs, however, what will ultimately determine the excellence of the school is the variety of the concentrations they offer. Look for a school that offers the best information technology-related concentrations. Some relevant concentrations include:

  • Database Management
  • Decision and Information Sciences
  • Network Management and Security Systems Management
  • Healthcare IT
  • Finance IT

Capstone and Hands-on Experience

One of the biggest mistakes that students make when it comes to choosing an IT-related MBA program is not finding a program that will give them hands-on experience. It is important to look for programs that give you the opportunity to actually work on projects that help you hone in and strengthen your programming, project management, and leadership skills. In an IT setting that is filled with a plethora of hard deadlines, employers look for individuals who have experience and the capabilities of managing complex projects that require a range of individuals to be managed such as programmers, analysts, technicians and others involved in a project. A good technical MBA program will allow students to work with or shadow companies who want to use student expertise on company-related projects. An excellent program will also ultimately allow students to work on a capstone project, which is the culmination of all of their knowledge and skills, and actually apply it to a company or organization.

Professor Experience

Another important ingredient to finding the right program is making sure that the faculty of the prospective program you are interested in actually have extensive corporate work experience and backgrounds. Employers will also judge the breadth of your MBA education based on faculty experience. Major corporations that recruit MBA graduates have longstanding relationships with business school professors. This will definitely increase your chances of being hired by a top global corporate organization that has knowledge of your school’s faculty and their background.


At the conclusion of any MBA program, students should definitely see if the prospective IT MBA program offers internships with top corporations. This is usually the best way to get your foot in the door. If your program has a track record of facilitating internships at large, global companies; there is a strong likelihood that you will be offered a plethora of job offers from other competitors to looking to grab onto your skills and knowledge.

There are so many MBA technical programs available now, however, many of them are not as strong as they present themselves to be. It is important for prospective MBA students looking for an IT program to do careful due diligence and seek out the best program that has top notch faculty, a wide range of IT-related courses and concentrations, and the ability to give their students real world, hands-on experience.