How Do I Get A Management Position in IT?

Management in ITAre you interested in learning how to get a management position in IT? If you have been working to earn a degree in IT, or you are interested in entering school, it is important to set your career goals early. Not everyone has a desire to become an IT manager, director or officer, but those who do will need to set their sights high when enrolling in school. If you have what it takes to excel in IT and you have the inherent skills you need to become an effective leader, you will need to gain computer and technical skills in school before you will be considered for any IT management positions. Read on, and learn what steps you need to take to get into IT management.

What Does an IT Manager Do on a Daily Basis?

Before you learn about the steps you need to take to be a manager in Information Technology, it is in your best interest to get a general idea of what you will do on a daily basis as a manager. IT managers differ from IT professionals who often work independently, because they are responsible for overseeing all computer-related activities in a company. You may supervise all IT workers, conduct performance reviews, head the upgrading of software and systems, negotiate new system purchases with vendors, and ensure the security of all company data. You will need to be a natural leader and also trained in the field.

Steps to Becoming an IT Manager

Now that you know the nature of the position, the next step is getting your degree. At a minimum, you will need to get a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Information Science degree. With a bachelor’s degree, you will build a solid foundation of knowledge in the field along with technical skills of hardware and networking. While a bachelor’s degree may be all that you need to get hired as a manager when you are applying for openings with smaller companies or IT firms, typically employers will be looking to hire a professional who has a master’s degree in IT or IT Management. A master’s degree program will turn someone with knowledge into a master of a specific field, and being a manager means you need to have this mastery.

In addition to earning your degree from an accredited school, you will also need to gain experience in IT. Most employers are looking for candidates with a minimum of five years of experience as an IT specialist or supervisor before promoting someone to a management position. If you want to become an executive, you will need to have about seven years of experience beyond your graduate degree before you should even try to compete for the title. Having your certification in programs like Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA can also help give you leverage against those without a certification.

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Information technology is a field that is advancing on a regular basis. In fields that are growing as quickly as this one, it is no surprise that the need for managers is growing proportionately. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT managers earn an average salary of $120,950 per year, but with this competitive salary comes a lot of responsibility. With employment in the field projected to grow by 15%, now is the time to study to get a management position in IT.