How Do Employers View An Online Masters in IT?

Are you considering earning an online IT MBA as you work in the field of IT? If you are not sure if you should earn a traditional Master’s degree or an online degree, it is important to consider how your employer or other competitors in the industry will view an MBA with a concentration in IT that was earned online. Earning your MBA as a professional in the field of IT can take you places and open up opportunities, but choosing the right Master of Business Administration program is very important. Find out what the employers really have to say about online degrees and make the right choice.

What Employers Have to Say About an Online Degree Program

In general, employers have a positive attitude towards online degrees, especially in the field of IT. You need to keep in mind that traditional college degree programs have been around for more than 200 years, and the online programs have only been around for just about a decade. Because of the dramatic difference, it is only reasonable that online MBA degrees are not as well known by executives.

With this being said, out of all of the executives that were interviewed by Zogby International, 83 percent of these executives did respond by saying that an online degree is as credible as one that is earned from a traditional school. While this survey was conducted with executives in many industries, the surveys do show that employers in the IT industry are much more open-minded because they deal with tech-savvy professionals who are capable of completing degrees online.

The Online Advantage For Graduate Business School Students

You must also consider the degree that you are earning before you rule out any type of online degree. If you are focusing on a very technical Master of Science degree, it may be in your best interest to attend school on-campus for a hands-on experience. If you are pursuing your MBA while you are still working as an IT professional, there is a major advantage to studying online. Not only will you have more flexibility when it comes to studying and completing course work, you will also still have time to be a professional, a student, and also a parent or spouse. There is a major online advantage, and employers in IT cannot deny this.

Employers Love to See Drive

If you need to earn your MBA with a concentration in Information Technology to be considered for a management or executive role, you need to show that you are driven and that you are serious about a promotion. If your goal is to work your way up from within the organization, you can give yourself the advantage by attending an online degree program while you are still working. But adding your MBA to your resume, you can show how driven you are.

You always need to know how an MBA in the field you work in is perceived before you enroll in an online degree program. If you understand how the degree will likely be perceived, the next step is choosing an accredited institution with a proven learning model and an affordable tuition rate. By doing all of this homework beforehand, you can earn an online MBA IT while you are still working and advance.