How Can You Use Your Cyber Security Background To Get A Job in Homeland Security?

Cyber SecurityThough it might not seem like the most common type of hire done by DHS, it’s actually easy to use your cyber security background to get a job in Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security is commonly associated with anti-terrorism operations that border on the cinematic: Analyzing breaking intelligence, conducting secret operations to thwart terrorists, and living on the cutting edge of American security, but this is only one aspect of the department. In fact, those with a background in information security and cyber security are hotly in demand as the United States begins to focus more on the danger of outside information theft from government departments. Depending on the level of cyber security education and experience held by each candidate, getting a job in this field requires a slightly different process.

Recent Graduates and Current Students: Unique Opportunities in DHS

The Department of Homeland Security has a robust internship and entry-level training program that tries to get highly qualified graduates into roles that will see them put their cyber security skills to use almost immediately. Current undergraduate students can land an internship with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Office by applying through the USAJOBS employment portal. These internships, which are a combination of paid and unpaid work, give students hands-on experience and the inside track on obtaining federal employment after graduation.

Recent graduates can apply for the Cybersecurity entry-level training program. They’ll engage in on-the-job training and educational seminars for the first year of their employment and, with successful completion of this program, they’ll move up the salary scale and be transitioned to full-time employment in active cyber security on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security. This is the easiest way to gain entry-level employment in DHS and the best way to create a solid foundation for future career advancement.

Existing Cybersecurity Professionals Can Transition to DHS Easily

The Department of Homeland Security offers some of the best internship and entry-level opportunities, but that’s not its only area of strength. The department is interested in attracting the most talented security professionals in the country, and it does so by offering competitive salaries, excellent advancement opportunities, and the ability to transition seamlessly to work in the federal government. Candidates who wish to transition to managerial or high-level roles should bring with them at least five to 10 years of experience in cyber security in the private sector, as well as higher education that has resulted in both an undergraduate and master’s degree in a computer-related field.

The USAJOBS portal is the first place to check for open positions in the Department of Homeland Security, with a regularly updated list of the latest openings, requirements for each job, the salary scale applicable, and the location of each position. The Office of Cybersecurity also maintains its own website, which informs candidates about the role of the office, the qualifications required by its employees, and how to properly prepare for job interviews and the “new hire” process that includes security screening, clearance applications, and even personal reference interviews.

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Cyber Security is a Great Use of Advanced Computer Skills

The Department of Homeland Security is large and growing quickly, as it seeks to protect American from both traditional terrorist threats and weaknesses in IT systems alike. To use your cyber security background to get a job in Homeland Security, focus on the proper level of employment, obtaining the right degrees, and finding the best possible position on