Employment Outlook in the IT Field

With this being the most difficult economic time in recent history, employment outlook has been a concern from both recent college graduates and those who are currently employed, with layoffs abound and the necessity to change work environments. While some may not have the outlook of their chosen career in question when they pick their area of study, or even when they graduate, this is a major concern for both employers and prospective employees. Many people have questions about their prospective profession and are unaware of how to attain this information about their profession to be.

Looking At All of Your Options

One resource that every college student, and even professionals who are currently employed, need to be aware of is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is a vast amount of information there about job forecasts, average salary, required education, the amount of jobs available, and job outlook. It is pertinent that those going into a field, such as Information and Technology, are aware of the job outlook for the field so they can adequately be prepared to look for and find employment. With the IT field, there are several different careers one can look at, such as computer programming, computer system analysts, database administrators, and even network and computer systems administrators. While the job forecast is similar for all of these, they are not all the same with some jobs growing at a rapid pace and others growing at a below average rate.

Looking At The Growth Opportunity

All four jobs require a bachelor’s degree, and the range of pay is very similar with each job earning somewhere in the range of $70,000 a year. While the majority of the jobs listed are growing at a faster than average rate, like Database Administration, which is expected to grow by a staggering 31% between 2010 and 2020, Computer Programming is only expected to grow by 12%, which is about as fast as average. The other two professions are expected to grow by 22% and 28%. The Information and Technology field is so broad that there are many professions that can be considered to fall under the umbrella of IT. All in all, the IT field seems to be growing healthily, as the prevalence of computers has risen and the demand for professionals to work with them has risen. While some of the professions within the IT field aren’t growing as fast as others, on a while the field is growing very quickly and the job prospects look very good.

Now the Job Market

The job market can be very difficult in this economic climate. It is important to educate those who are making a decision on what career they choose to pursue and the forecast of that career so that they can make an informed decision and become a contributing member of society. This information would also be useful to those who are looking to change careers. Some jobs are currently on the rise and others are on the fall. Information and Technology is definitely on the rise with the data provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is a wonderful resource that everyone should know about so that they can make an informed decision on what career path they choose to take.