Could I Be a Successful As a Female Software Engineer?

Software engineering has become a popular career choice among today’s students. As technology continues to innovate, the demand for these types of professionals is on the rise. The necessities for individual success include problem-solving abilities, technical skills, and strong knowledge in programming. While hundreds of women across the country possess these skills, many are hesitant to enter a primarily male-dominated work environment. By following a few simple tips, however, any woman can be successful as a female software engineer.

1. Enthusiasm is Key

It is important to be a dominating presence amongst your co-workers, and nothing will make you stand out more than presenting an elevated level of enthusiasm to the office. Not only does staying pepped up on the job help you earn the respect of those around you, but it is also an attention-getter when it comes to the higher-ups. Managers are more likely to give interesting new jobs to those with high levels of energy.

2. Engineer-Focused

During your time on the job, you should never focus on the fact that you are a woman. This is not only distracting, but it kills the confidence you need to show those around you that you are both capable of performing your duties and of value to the company. It is also important that you ensure you have the proper help on the home front so you can truly pour your focus into the job. Whether you need help with childcare or keeping the house clean, the income you will receive in this high-paying field should suffice to hire the outside help you need.

3. Taking Confidence to a Higher Level

While more and more women are getting their hands dirty doing jobs that were restricted to men in years past, many are apologetic when it comes to delivering a good idea or doing something truly clever. It is important to get over that hump quickly. Rather, focus on developing a level of “super confidence.” Relish on great ideas, don’t be afraid to present a crazy concept to superiors, and truly own the accomplishments you make. This will draw attention to your true capabilities as well as increase your enthusiasm for the job.

4. Dress the Part

While cute, short skirts and revealing tops can be fun to wear on a night out on the town, it can become distracting at work. As a female software engineer, you are representing your gender in a way that shows women are more than weak and fragile creatures destined to take care of the home. Therefore, it is important to maintain a level of professionalism. While there is nothing wrong with cute dresses and skirts, make sure you are always in compliance with the company dress code and not showing too much skin.

5. The Time is Now

Just as employers during the Industrial Revolution realized they needed to implement women into the workforce, today’s employers understands that female software engineers are in demand. Statistics prove that the hiring of women interested in this field is on the rise, and now is the time to begin a career path that will keep you on your toes. Any woman truly interested in this exciting field can be a successful software engineer when they develop the correct mindset. For further reading and statistical analysis, visit the National Science Foundation.