Can I Work While Studying for My MBA in Information Technology?

Technology plays an important part in today’s business environment. In fact, it has a key role. From small businesses to large corporations, most companies rely on computers and software to effectively manage their business. As they incorporate various information technology (IT) solutions, they also seek professionals who can understand and manage this technology.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology Management can help business leaders get ahead in an ever-changing technical environment. Many business schools now offer online degree programs that focus on IT management. Through online learning, working professionals can earn a master’s degree while they pursue their business careers.

MBA in Information Technology Management

The Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management is a respected online degree program. It provides a strong business management foundation coupled with information technology expertise. This combination is highly valued in today’s technical business world.

Whether they study online or on campus, an information technology business degree gives working professionals a competitive edge. It allows them to learn the latest business technology while they enhance their financial and analytical skills. This prepares them for high level careers in IT management, digital commerce, e-business and telecommunications.

Online Master’s Degree Advantages

The MBA in Information Technology Management offers many advantages over other specializations. Most online degree programs do not require the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test for admission. Students can choose between 100 percent online courses and hybrid courses for maximum scheduling flexibility.

Online MBA courses are taught by academic professionals and business leaders, so students learn from the experts in their field. The schools encourage interactions between students, faculty and business leaders through online discussions, case studies and group projects. Online schools are accredited by various accrediting agencies that are recognized by the United States Department of Education. They deliver the same quality of education as on-campus programs, and many students graduate in just 18 months.

Core Courses and Special Curriculum

The MBA in Information Technology Management requires approximately 40 credits including core business courses and IT-specific courses. Corporate leadership, financial management, managerial accounting, operations management and strategic marketing are among the core courses. Business math, business economics and business law are other foundation courses.

Specialized IT courses include studies on e-business and digital commerce, business telecommunications and information technology management. Through real-world business and technology experience, students learn the skills they need to enhance their business knowledge and advance their careers. Moreover, they can do this while they work full-time or manage their families.

A Few Final Thoughts

The twenty-first century business world is highly competitive, and technology plays a central role. Businesses must embrace this technology or fall to their competition. The MBA in Information Technology Management is a valuable asset for today’s business professionals, and they do not have to give up their work to pursue the degree. Online courses are more affordable than most students realize, and their flexibility makes it possible to balance professional, educational and personal pursuits.